Gorgeous and ingenious
with superior sound quality

The precise and strict process comes from our persistence.


Each panel of wood is full of life

After examining eucalyptus, birch, aspen, and other woods based on growth composition and the texture of each species, our designer created the player box by interlacing and stacking ten slices of wood with various densities, rendering a beautiful grained wood exterior you will admire for years.


Six processes to produce the ideal radian

The player box, after cooling, is positioned and expertly cut using our custom mold. It is then subject to various processes using the mounting machine, exact cutting, tool changes and fixtures, correct positioning, drilling, and precision casting to produce the most elegant and ideal geometric radian with the right strength, angle, and root.


Details orientation contributes to a quality tonearm

The tonearm is the key part of player to pick up signals. After repeated testing and modification and stylus pressure adjustments, the R&D team makes accurate calculations on each link, including weights of proportion, selection of pinpoint, the smoothness of bearing, selection of materials, length of tonearm to secure the stable support, and the ideal status for flexible track following of the tonearm.


Three-point suspension system, free of interference

We've tried to eliminate external vibration as much as possible. Our team has spent two years developing the three-point suspension system for high stability so that the reading part of the platter forms a tiny space free of interference, while using precision instruments to test and adjust the playing element. The result is the vinyl plays stably even when operating under high power.


Create the best experience through repeated adjustments.


Vibration-proof upgrading of a all-in-one sound system
Less than 0.8% of distortion factor


Professional and powerful multi-function sound field testing

To achieve the best sound field experience, electro-acoustic measurements are taken for each Seed in a professional anechoic chamber for at least six hours. The product must be tested and evaluated repeatedly in a whole adjustment period of two years to restore the vinyl field.


Restore the actual sound of the natural sound field

We developed the acoustic sound box in cooperation with a master with over 20 years of experience. The sense of depth of musical instruments is heard from multiple angles and the best sound field position most suitable for vinyl is determined. The sound is restored to the purest and highest ideal status through our repeated adjustments.