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This all-in-one player smoothly integrates Hi-Fi sound with convenience and tone quality. More than just a turntable, Seed has a built-in three-point suspension vibration system, enabling the cartridge to play stably and provide the original, true sound of whatever music style you choose.


Complete built-in design
All-in-one music experience

Seed features an all-in-one built-in design, integrating the functions of player, power amplifier, and loudspeaker plus more, and produces clean and full sound, providing a compact design with high-quality music experience without complications.

Three-point suspension system
Free of interference

Our team spent two years developing the three-point suspension system of high stability, utilizing an interference-free, small space for the reading platter. Vinyl plays stably, even when operated at high power.


Enjoy your music your way

Besides playing vinyl, Seed is compatible with wireless remote play for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. You can now enjoy the convenience of digital music with Seed while lounging and relaxing, free from cumbersome, larger devices.

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* Supports Airplay and DLNA play

Compatible with multi-platforms

We support a number of domestic platforms like TuneIn, iHeartRadio, TIDAL, and Napster.

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Uniquely developed player system
Eccentric weight tonearm

Seed's reader is designed with eccentric weight so the dual track reaches balance, avoiding the uneven abrasion that comes with the cartridge pinpoint while reading, reducing quality distortion.

Made by a Hi-Fi master of over 20 years

    With two built-in 1" tweeters and two 4" woofers, it covers 30% more pitch range than counterpart sound systems and catches even the most delicate details, offering you a wider world of sound. Skillfully tested for volume fraction under standard power, we've determined the best volume under ideal performance, designing this "exclusive unit" for Seed. Our ballistic fabric – Kevlar – is a two-layer composite fiberglass material that generates low-frequency for a fast, clean, elastic, and clearer voice.

1"8Ω15W tweeter silk diaphragm

The 1" silk diaphragm has an extremely high vibration conduction velocity with nice high-frequency extension and resolution, reducing high-frequency distortion and generating stunning, sleekly smooth tweeter.


Hi-Fi full and clear sound

+20% details processing

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